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Transportation can be described as a vast field with many job titles, from Drivers to Mechanics. Transportation jobs in USA can fill many roles, such as planning travel, moving material, or transporting people and goods.

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Transportation jobs include those that transport passengers or cargo via truck, plane, and other public and private transportation modes. You might also find transportation jobs in USA that involve sightseeing and scenic transport.

There are also positions in the transportation and material-moving sector that support the industry. The transportation industry includes tour agencies, which book transportation, and logistic staff coordinating transportation. Mechanical support personnel, such as mechanics, service technicians, maintenance workers, and repair workers, are also part of the transportation industry.

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Most jobs in transportation do not require much additional education. High school graduates can apply for many jobs if they have completed on-the-job training or a certification program. Drivers usually need to have a CDL license.

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