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Are you a detail-oriented person? Are you a perfectionist who enjoys getting things done promptly? Are you a meticulous person who can keep track of everything? Do you love jobs that offer something for you to look forward to every day? Administrative and Clerical Jobs in USA could be right for you. You will make sure things run smoothly as an administrative or clerical assistant. You’ll also be part of a team.


Administrative jobs are usually full-time and follow the 9-5 office work schedule. While you will spend most of your time working at a desk, there may be times when you need to lift or move light boxes.

You will likely be required to contact other departments in the office via phone, email, and in person as part of your job.

You’ll be working with various tasks to support your company or team. You will be doing a variety of functions depending on your industry and the role you play. Typical duties include answering emails, making photocopies, filing documents, preparing presentations, basic accounting, invoicing, and conducting research.

Administrative and Clerical Jobs in USA are great options for people who love to make personal connections. Companies employ hardworking professionals from entry-level to senior-level administrative and clerical positions in flexible, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions.

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